Friday, September 23, 2011

Pizza Night

Why is Pizza Night so magical? It is more than the cheese, the banana peppers, the sausage and the portobello mushrooms! It is more than the dough and the smell of the sauce. I began to get butterflies as I got the idea in my head to order pizza tonight. I got even happier as my kids began rejoicing and ran off to the basement to celebrate...the coming of their pizza. I guess it has something to do with a combination of happiness from mom; I don't have to cook, happiness from kids; it is their favorite food - hands down, and the idea of a party. "Are we having a pizza party?" they will say as they see me ordering. "Uh...sure." and they are thrilled, but I do not have to make a piƱata, string streamers or even invite anyone over. Pizza means party. And usually it means a movie too, which is synonymous with relaxation to this family on a friday night. The weeks are long. The weeks during the school year are a lot of work. Homework, sports practices, music practice, the daunting task of getting everyone in bed at a reasonable hour...fridays free us from all of that. Friday night pizza nights rock. But I am not telling the kids that they make me as happy as they make them, because as of now, they think I am doing this great thing for them...little do they know, it is a great thing for me too : )

I don't want to forget:
-Charlie did cafeteria duty with me today. He was soooo excited to sit with Ben at lunch, and happy to tease Elaina by NOT sitting with her at lunch, and ecstatic to beat up on Jack and all of his friends while they were trying to eat their lunches. He insisted on following Jack out to recess. He hung onto his back and rode around the playground on him. And when it was time for us to go he screamed from the window of the car, "Jack, NOOOOOOO, I wanna stay with you!!!!! Please Jack!!!!" It was somewhat heartbreaking really. And would have been more endearing if I didn't have to shove him into his carseat while kicking and screaming.

-I LOVE hearing Ben sing out song lyrics after having listened to Jack and Scotty's band practicing. If Ben could grow himself up right now to their ages and jam with them every second of there lives, he would. Right now he will have to settle for them letting him sleep in their beds now and then, playing legos and pokemon with him now and then, and riding piggy back on them pretty much any time he asks for a ride.

-Charlie's teacher told me he started to potty a little in his shorts the other day as he was trying to get to the toilet, so she changed his pants. But while she was looking for some clean clothes for him, he told her as he was standing their naked from the waste down that he was fine and that he could just go home like that. No children have 0 inhibitions.

-Scotty is twelve and still comes up to me for a hug and to tell me I am the best mom ever - I just wanted to document that.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Want to feel needed?

I was not feeling well today and was told to rest for the day. Was actually told to go up to my bed, relax and work on some photos or take a nap. I very mistakenly thought I was given the night off. The mistake was thinking I could actually do this and that life around our home would go on. Well, everyone is alive, so I guess LIFE officially is going on. But at 9 o'clock at night I just discovered that 3 of my children will be doing their homework in the morning, because no one did it this afternoon or evening. No one practiced their music. No one did any reading. No one ate the dinner I prepared and left in the crockpot - I was literally feeding them at 9pm.
Want to feel needed? Take one night off.
Tonight I will just be thankful that I am needed and leave it at that.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life Goes on, thank God

In tough times, in times when one is feeling down, sad, at a loss, having a big busy family is so helpful in getting through, moving on and staying thankful. Today i am thankful for having To pick up kids from friends' houses, pick up kids from school, do homework, drive to and from practices, make dinner, help with music practice,give baths, and read with the kids. We are very blessed.