Monday, January 23, 2012

Conversation with Charlie

At church. I am holding Charlie and he is looking behind me at someone and starts pointing. I turn to see what he is trying to tell me and realize he is pointing at an interesting looking African American man in a big trench coat. This man happens to also have a very low voice that sounds sort of monotone. So, this scenario was apparently scary for Charlie. I turn him around and say that yes I see him but it is not polite to point and Charlie proceeds t have this conversation with me:

Charlie: But mom the brown man is scary looking.

Mom: God makes people all different colors doesn't he.

Charlie: But him is very scary. Him is a vampire!

Mom: Shhhh. No he is not. There are no such things as vampires.

Charlie: Yes, him is one. I saw a real one.

Mom: No you did not.

Charlie: Yes, I did, on Scooby Doo.

Mom: Charlie, that is just a nice man, not a vampire.

Charlie: Him has a scary face.

Mom; Why don't you smile at him. I bet he will smile back at you.

Charlie: (Grinning hugely over my shoulder) Him is not smiling at me.

Mom: Smile a little bigger.

Charlie: (Taking his fingers and stretching his mouth wider over my shoulder at the man) Him is still not smiling at me.

Mom: Charlie why don't you just put your head on my shoulder?

Charlie: I saw him's fangs!

Mom: No, no you did not. He does not have fangs.

Charlie: Yes him does and I saw he has no feet, him is floating! Vampires can fly!

Mom: Charlie, please lets not talk about this right now.

Charlie: Him is doing this! (folds his hands and closes his eyes)

Mom: He is praying.

Charlie: No, him is a vampire.

Really wishing the dude would have just smiled at Charlie to end the conversation!

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