Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fitting the Mold

Lately I have spent what seems like a TON of time defending my kids individually for not "fitting the mold" for different situations.

"Well, he didn't do well on that test because he doesn't learn the way they teach.."
"She is so sweet, she just has a hard time understanding that this is serious..."
"He isn't extremely social, because most kids don't like to talk about what he likes to talk about..."
"He colors outside the lines because I think he just doesn't really love coloring..."
"He doesn't recite all his letters yet because he is more interested in social stuff..."

Kids are Kids. They are going to have moments upon moments where we as their parents know they are good, neat and interesting,  but we want so badly for the rest of the world - their teachers, coaches, music instructors, friends - to understand and know what we know about them. We will try so hard to help them "fit the mold" of their classrooms, or teams etc. At some point we really want to just scream, "WHY!" These kids are just so awesome just how they are, why do we need to prove to others of their worthiness to be taught, coached etc. Because we are their parents and we are dying for others out in the world to treat them the way we know they deserve to be treated. The only way for that to happen is for them to know our children the way we know them. This will never fully happen. No one will know our children the way we parents do. But it is not a bad goal to try to put them in the paths of people who want to and are willing to really try to know them and make a positive difference in their lives.

Tonight, I am praying for the people in the paths of my children. That they see in my kids even half of the potential, that I see. Because if they did, then they would not see their differences as a bad thing and always be trying to change them and make them "fit the mold." Molds are boring.

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  1. Oh my goodness--just love this! YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I wish more people would say this, live and practice this everyday. Now I have to read more of your blog and put laundry on hold. Thanks for writing. Eileen